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TractorFarmandFamily.com is the place to come for your tractor maintenance & related issues, rural community & farming concerns, as well as family self sufficient living knowledge.

In this day and age of economic uncertainties and questionable assumptions about the fragile food, supply, and energy delivery chains & systems, more than a few folks have begun to consider being more self sufficient in their daily lives and how they go about meeting their family and individual preparedness needs of a wide range of areas.  Nearly all have a tractor of some sort or a garden tiller, not to mention mowers & cutters of various sorts.  This is the place to come if you have questions or problems with  your tractor, gardening equipment, gardening, as well as family and individual needs to lead a more self sufficient and confident life style. 

Not only are we interested in tractor, equipment, gardening, and learning self help skills but we have a great interest in off grid living which covers a wide variety of subjects such as solar, hydro, & wind electric power, raising family and farm livestock, ponds & fish stocking, wood & solar heating, and MANY other areas that come to mind as prices and availability of various consumer items become more expensive and difficult to find. 

If you have experience and knowledge in this area you would like to share  or are just beginning to learn about these areas, this is the place for you!  PLEASE feel invited to come on in, pour a cup of coffee, and sit down for an interesting read or by ALL means, we would LOVE to have you post your experiences and knowledge for all to learn and appreciate. 

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